Nowness - Triple Beam Dream

Triple Beam Dream
Meet the co-founder of Bronx-based culinary collective Ghetto Gastro, whose new glassware collection takes inspiration from the history of crack—featuring music by Solange

“This is a story of transformation and growth—from crack pipes to glass art,” says Elisha Smith-Leverock, the director shining a spotlight on Jon Gray, co-founder of Bronx-based culinary collective Ghetto Gastro. Working at the intersection of food, design and culture, Gray calls himself 'the dishwasher'—an unceremonious title that belies his part in disrupting the gourmet dining game.

In this Solange-soundtracked project produced by LIEF, Smith-Leverock traveled to Venice to meet Gray and a team of world-class glass artisans working on his first kitchenware collaboration, Triple Beam Dream; a name which is also shared by Rick Ross and Nas’s 2012 coke ballad.
Director Elisha Smith-Leverock
Producer Margo Mars at
DOP Olan Collardy
Editor Julian Fletcher
Sound Design Ben Smith-leverock-Esser
Colorist Jack Mcginty at Cheat
VFX Selam X
Music Solange
Commissioner Katie Metcalf